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Welcome to the world of placenta encapsulation! Are you ready to start a rewarding career serving postpartum women and helping them thrive?! This comprehensive training includes a new and modern approach to placenta encapsulation training. Rockstar Birth Academy offers an approach to the placenta encapsulation industry that clients and medical professionals alike can respect. The training is completely self-paced, so you can learn on your own time. There are no time limits to complete your training and no extra or hidden fees! Ongoing mentorship and group support is included with one of the most successful placenta encapsulation and training businesses in the nation!

Our training modules cover:

  • Part 1: Placenta Basics
  • Part 2: Placentophagy
  • Part 3: Placenta Preparation and Encapsulation
  • Part 4: Starting Your Business
The course also includes a one of a kind live one-on-one video training with expert trainer and placenta encapsulator Callie Landis. This portion of the training allows the student to see the process from start to finish in real time, with room to ask questions and engage in meaningful and scientific conversation regarding the encapsulation process. Student's can also use this time to learn Callie’s expert tips for amazing prints and keepsakes. It’s also a great time to go over business details and pick Callie’s brain and ask all of your questions!
You will learn how to:
  • Encapsulate a placenta (from start to finish) the correct and most up to date way using two different preparation methods
  • You will learn the most recent industry news regarding GBS+ clients and placenta encapsulation and Lactation
  • How to prepare placenta smoothies
  • How to create placenta tinctures
  • How to craft a placenta balm
  • How to create beautiful placenta prints
  • How to make a placenta cast that is food safe and allows your client to also encapsulate their placenta
  • How to start your business

    Lessons in Placenta Encapsulation Training:

    1. 1 Certification Process

      Objective: The process of becoming certified as a placenta encapsulator with Rock Star Birth Academy

    2. 2 Professional Standards and Guidelines

      Objective: Standards and Guidelines for our students

    3. 3 Placental Structure

      Objective: Understanding the structure of the placenta

    4. 4 Intro to the Placental Functions

      Objective: An introduction to the placenta and its functions

    5. 5 Placental Malformations

      Objective: To understand possible malformations of the placenta

    6. 6 Hormones of the Placenta

      Objective: To understand the hormones used by the placenta

    7. 7 Twin Placentas

      Objective: To understand different kinds of twin placentas

    8. 8 Placenta Consumption and TCM

      Objective: To understand the claims of connections the preparation and consumption has with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    9. 9 The Benefits of Placenta Consumption

      Objective: To understand the benefits of ingesting the placenta after giving birth

    10. 10 Lactation

      Objective: To understand the benefits that consumption of the placenta can have on lactation.

    11. 11 Iron

      Objective: To understand the importance of iron in the postpartum body.

    12. 12 Hormone Stabilization

      Objective: To understand the effect that consuming the placenta can have on the hormones in postpartum women.

    13. 13 Pain Relief

      Objective: To understand the effect that placenta consumption can have on pain relief.

    14. 14 Postpartum Bleeding

      Objective: To understand the effect that placenta consumption can have on postpartum bleeding.

    15. 15 Medications and the Placenta

      Objective: To understand the effects of various medications used during pregnancy on the placenta.

    16. 16 Risks and Contraindications

      Objective: To understand all risks and contradictions for consuming the placenta.

    17. 17 Placenta Encapsulation and GBS+

      Objective: To understand the evidence based information regarding encapsulation and GBS+ clients

    18. 18 Supplies

      Objective: An overview of the supplies necessary for performing placenta services

    19. 19 Storage and Transportation

      Objective: Learn how to properly transport and store the placenta for processing

    20. 20 Sanitation

      Objective: Sanitation Procedures

    21. 21 Processing the Placenta

      Objective: Processing the placenta from start to finish

    22. 22 Packaging and Delivery

      Objective: Understanding the packaging of your products.

    23. 23 FAQ

    24. 24 Next Steps

      Objective: Overview of next steps to get started

    25. 25 Rules and Regulations

      Objective: Legalities you will need to know when doing business

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